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We still have quite a few weeks of winter weather left ahead of us. If you haven’t taken the time to winter proof your home it’s not too late. We at Peninsula Storage in Sunnyvale can help you with the winter proofing this year by giving you a space to keep those items you used to store outside. Our units will protect your patio furniture, tools, and toys during the long winter months. We have also gathered some winter proofing preparations you should try in your home this year.


Install Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are an easy and very cost effective way from letting cold air into your home. A sweep is a flexible piece of rubber or plastic that’s held to the door’s lower edge by a strip of aluminum. This will keep the cold air from coming in underneath the exterior doors.


Seal your Attic

As most know, warm air rises, and it could be rises and leaving your home through leaks in your attic. To really keep the heat in you will have to do some dirty work and find the leaks in your attic. You can do this by pulling back the insulation and sealing up any cut-outs that were put there for electrical purposes. Also check wiring, chimneys, flues, vent stacks and ducts, and seal them on the inside. Use caulk to fill smaller gaps and pressurized expanding foam for bigger openings.


Install a Programmable Thermostat

Having a thermostat that you can program at a certain temperature will help you in keeping you home warm and regulating the temperature. The thermostat can save fuel by automatically lowering (or raising) your home’s temperature while you’re away. So you never have to come home to a cold house or waste a lot of fuel or energy.


Cover your Windows

Covering your windows with thick curtains, plastic window coverings, or even a blanket can help to insulate your home even further. Identify the rooms that need the insulation the most and do what you can to seal off any cold air that may be entering your home through these windows.


For more information regarding our storage facility make sure you give us a call or check out website.

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I did it on my own this time

Bathrooms can either be hazardous or helpful when it comes to your children. As they get older they will soon be using the bathroom unsupervised. To help them in all of their bathroom needs you should make an effort to create a kid friendly bathroom. To help you with this process you can get rid of the extra bathroom clutter by using one of our many storage units at Peninsula Storage in Palo Alto. You may also follow the suggestions below when starting the process of creating your own kid friendly bathroom.


Lower the Towel Hooks

How often do you walk into your child’s bathroom to see a wet towel on the floor? You can easily get rid of this problem by installing hooks at a level close to your child’s height for them to hang their towel on. Get them motivated to use their new towel hook by personalizing their towel space with their name.


Organize with Bins

The use of plastic bins in your child’s bathroom could get rid of the majority of the clutter. If you have younger children you are bound to have a large amount of bath toys. You can store the bath toys in a plastic bin while they are not in use. Put the bin on a shelf or in the cupboard to keep the floor space clear. Set aside a plastic bin for muddy or wet clothing that your child tends to leave on the bathroom floor. Tossing it in the bin is the easiest way to get it into the laundry room to be washed.


Cleaning Supplies

Each bathroom in your home should have its own cleaning supplies. This will save you from having to tote around cleaning supplies to each room in your house. Keeping them in a small caddy for storage is easiest. If you have small children make sure to place the cleaning supplies in an area that they can’t get into.


Personalize their Bathroom Supplies

If you have more than one child using this bathroom you can easily keep all of their own personal bathroom supplies together by giving them their own caddy or bag. They can keep their toothbrush, hair accessories, facewash, etc. in their bag without fear of someone else using it. Coordinate each bag by color to make it fun for each child.


Maximize Available Storage

Bathrooms are known to be small and never have enough storage space. Installing shelving and cubbies in your child’s bathroom can help you to utilize the available wall space. Remember to take advantage of the space you have available behind your bathroom door as well by installing a towel rack or over the door hanging storage.

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Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures under zero.

We at Peninsula Storage in Sunnyvale want you to get the most out of your self-storage unit this winter. There are some steps that need to be taken to protect yourself and your items when moving them in and out of your storage unit for their stay when it comes to temperature sensitive items. Below are some suggestions on how you can prepare your storage unit for this winter.


Protect your Temperature Sensitive Items

While the temperature may not fluctuate tremendously during the winter, it’s important to prepare temperature-sensitive items, such as art, musical instruments, and paper documents, for colder temperatures and the eventual change in weather that comes in the spring. You will want to make sure these item in particular have been properly packed and insulated. It is even worth the effort of going and checking on these items throughout this winter.


Buy Water Tight Bins

Using water-tight plastic bins helps protect the contents within and doesn’t create waste. While cardboard boxes can normally be reused again, that option dissipates when the boxes become wet. Plastic bins help prevent water damage and can be used repeatedly over time. They are known to provide the best protection no matter what item you are storing within.


Cover your Furniture

Covers can help protect wood furniture from the effects of drastic temperature changes. Using furniture covers, sheets, or blankets can help prevent low temperatures from having a negative effect on the wood. Also, consider using waterproof covers and tarps to protect furniture from moisture due to extreme winter weather. Try to mount your furniture up of the floor of your storage unit as well with the use of pallets or tarps.


Clear the Walk Ways to your Storage Unit

If you find yourself needing to grab a few items out of your storage unit this winter make sure your walkways are clear of ice and snow. Using ice-melt salt is a great way to get rid of stubborn ice fast. If possible park your vehicle as close to the door of your unit as possible.

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Babys playing together.

Our children grow faster than you can imagine. And with their growth they will go through a variety of clothing, furniture, and toys. Instead of just tossing or donating the baby items you aren’t using anymore you can easily store them at Peninsula Storage in Sunnyvale until your next bundle of joy arrives. Below are some tips for you to try when it comes to storing the baby items you aren’t using anymore.



It is important to wash all clothing before placing it in storage. This way no old food particles left on the clothing will attract any unwanted guests. Make sure the clothes are completely dry before placing them in storage as to prevent mildew. Depending on how long you plan on storing the clothing will determine what you should place the clothing in. For short term storage a standard cardboard box will be more than sufficient. If you are planning are storing for long-term it is wise to store the clothing in a plastic bin or bag that seals tightly. Remember to store in an organized fashion. Sort clothing by age and size to make it easier when you come back to remove the clothing from storage.



Cleaning and even polishing your furniture will ensure its quality during its time in the storage unit. To fit more in the space of your storage unit disassemble any and all the furniture you can. It is easier to store smaller pieces of furniture rather than large, bulky items. Once you have your furniture placed desirably in the storage unit, cover it with a large sheet or packing blanket. This will protect it from dirt, dust, and other potential spills or hazards. If possible do not store furniture items on the floor. Prop up the furniture by placing it on a pallet, bricks, or a tarp. This will ensure the safety and quality of your belongings.



Children outgrow toys as fast as they do clothing. It is smart to go through your child’s toy box every few months and organize. After sorting through and figuring out what to toss or donate, you can keep the sentimental pieces in storage. Again, we recommend that you clean the toys thoroughly with soapy water to remove any excess food or dirt. Plastic bins will be needed for long term storage of toys. This will keep them in pristine shape when you are ready to part with them.

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Woman taking a lemon out of the fridge

Depending on the size of your kitchen and the amount of items you are storing in it, it can be hard to keep organized. To help you in having an organized and clean kitchen we at Peninsula Storage in Sunnyvale can provide you with a storage unit for all of the kitchen supplies you just don’t need every day of the year. We have also gathered some organizational tools and methods for you to try in your own home.


Properly Storing your Canned Goods

Canned goods can easily take up the most available space in your pantry. You can reduce the amount of space they take up by easily converting your old 12-pack soda boxes. Spruce them up with a bit of decorative paper and label them if you like. This solution is cheap, easy, and can be replaced without much cost.


Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons can add unwanted clutter in any drawer. To have them within reach you can install hooks or magnets on the inside door of your cupboards. Command Strip makes easy to use hooks that you can place on the inside of your cabinets as well. These will remove without causing any damage to the interior surface space of your cupboards.


Pots and Pans

To help you in the organization of your pots and pans you can purchase storage made specifically for the organization of your pots and pans. These can be found at most home goods stores. They even make storage bins that can pull out for ease of use.


Organizing your Fridge

With the variety of items we have to store in our fridge it can easily get out of hand. To give your fridge some organization you can invest in buying a few plastic bins to keep like items together. To get handle on all of your condiments employ the use of a Lazy Susan. This will help you save on much needed fridge space while giving you ease of access to everything you need.


Drawer Dividers

To keep your drawers from becoming a cluttered mess, you can either create your own or buy drawer dividers. These will help you to keep things in their place and keep you from having to dig through a mess. If you create your own, you can customize the size of each divider to fit all of the items you wish to store in that drawer.

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Piggy bank with calculator

Moving is expensive. The costs to put down a deposit and firsts month’s rent/ mortgage payment is enough to ruin your budget for a couple months. We at Peninsula Storage want to help you in easing the moving process with one of our storage units and the tips for moving on a budget below.


Go Through and Purge your Belongings

A great way to save your money and your budget is by getting rid of the items in your home you just don’t use any more. Holding a garage sale or even selling some of your household items online can help you to make enough to cover the costs of your move. When you have less to move you spend less on moving supplies and truck rentals. For what you can’t sell, consider donating it to a local Goodwill or placing it in your storage unit at Peninsula Storage. You will be thankful you have less to move and unpack when it is all said and done.


Thrifty Packing

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on boxes and packing supplies, use what you can around you. When it comes to non-fragile items you don’t need to get fancy when it comes to moving it from one house to another. Fill up any storage bins, backpacks, duffle bags, and suitcases with less fragile items. Utilize clothing to double as a protective wrap for the fragile items you are placing in boxes. Socks and t-shirts work just as well as bubble wrap and newspaper.


Movers vs Friends

While hiring movers to help you with the moving process has some perks, it could put a serious dent in your wallet. Instead, try and enlist in the help of some of your trusted friends or family to help you throughout the process. To make it easier on them, have everything packed and ready to go. Then all they have to do is help with the heavy lifting.


Reanalyze your TV and Internet

Moving is the perfect excuse and opportunity to see if there is a better deal out there when it comes to your TV and Internet. A lot of companies will have lower monthly payments for a set amount of time when you are joining them as a new customer. Do your research and you could end up saving some money in the long run.

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Move. Cardboard boxes in empty room corner.

If you have found yourself no longer needing a self-storage unit at Peninsula Storage in Palo Alto then you should have an idea of what it will take to clean out your storage unit. To help you in the process we have put together some tips and tricks to help you when it comes time to empty out your storage unit.


Make a Plan with an Ending Date

A lot of times it is hard to find the motivation to clean out your unit. To help you when it comes to making a plan and holding yourself accountable, you will want to create a deadline. Make the deadline reasonable to accomplish and plan for any unexpected events that might occur before your set deadline. Creating a goal always helps you when it comes to completing a task.


Create and Accomplish Small Tasks

Trying to clean out your storage unit in one day is hard and stressful. Instead of trying to accomplish a lot in a little amount of time, break up your clean out process into small and manageable tasks over a period of time. This will make the process easier and stress free.


Avoid Just Throwing Items Away

As you are cleaning out your unit you may come across items you just don’t want or need anymore. Instead of just throwing it away you will want to try and find it another home. You can donate your items to your local Goodwill or even try and sell a few online. If the item is beyond repair then it is acceptable to toss it in the trash.


Avoid Storing in your Home

The whole point of your storage unit was to reduce the clutter in your home and give you the needed storage space. When cleaning out your unit you will want to avoid turning your home into a makeshift storage unit. Find a home for all the items you wish to keep and donate the rest.

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Home fun for kids

Keeping a clean home with growing child might seem impossible. As soon as you have the house clean and organized they have the ability to create a mess within minutes. There is a way to change this. With the help of a self-storage unit at Peninsula Storage in Sunnyvale and the tips listed below, you may be on your way to keeping your home clean and organized with your growing children.

Get Rid of Some of your Items
The reason you can’t seem to keep up with the messes your children create is largely due to the fact that you just have too much stuff in your home. This is especially true when it comes to children’s toys, books, and clothing. Children will outgrow large amounts of toys and clothing within a few months. Take the time to sort through what you have been holding on to and see what you can get rid of. If you just can’t seem to part with those items or you are saving them for a future child, a self-storage unit at Peninsula Storage in Sunnyvale is the perfect solution. Placing the items you child doesn’t need in a storage unit can help you to lessen the amount of items you have to clean up and give you the storage space you need for the items you and your children use every day.

Control and Contain the Clutter
Once you have purged yourself of the majority of toys, books, clothing, and other household items you just don’t need, you can now begin to contain what you have. Enlisting in the help of decorative bins or hidden storage solutions can help you in finding a place for each item. When it comes time to clean up you have a specific place for each item and you are then left with a clean home.

Have your Children Help
Getting your children to help you in the daily clean-up will help you while giving them a sense of responsibility. Encourage them in cleaning up their toys by making it into a game or by giving prizes. Your children will often jump at the opportunity to help you with a grown-up activity.

Stay on Top of the Organization
While it may take work, you will want to stay on top of the clutter and clean a little each day. If you find yourself accruing a lot of items again then it is time to perform another purge. Have your children help you in sorting through the things they don’t use any more.

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Adult Son Moving Out Of Parent's Home

College acceptance letters have arrived and it is now time to get your child ready for their big move to their new college. We at Peninsula Storage in Palo Alto can help you by giving you the storage space you need for the items they can’t take with them. We have also provided some tips to help your child move to their new home at college.


Sort and Organize

Dorm rooms are often cramped and won’t be able to hold all of one’s belongings. It is important to sort and organize your child’s belongings into what will be essential for college. Stick to the basics. For all of the other items sort into what you will store and what you can donate. This will start the college moving transition on the right foot. You can trust Peninsula Storage in Palo Alto to keep all of your child’s items safe in a storage unit while they are away at college


Scope Out your Space

Check out the floor plan of your child’s future dorm or living space. It might be necessary to buy amenities that aren’t included. Such things will consist of fans, mini fridges, microwaves, and closet organizers.


Set up the Utilities

Help your child transition into adult hood and give them a crash course on setting up their utilities. Many college dorms and apartments will need phone and internet set in place. Doing this before the move will help alleviate stress for your child.


Avoid the Moving Rush

If possible, try and move your child in mid-week or a few days before the semester starts. Many students will move in the weekend before the start of term. Moving mid-week will allow extra time to get organized and used to the new environment your child will be spending most of their time in.


Be resourceful

When packing the essentials make sure to be resourceful when it comes to packing those fragile items. Old newspaper, towels, and even thick clothing can be wrapped around those items that tend to break. This makes clean up easy and moving cheap.


Involve the Family

The moving transition can be tough for parents and children. So make it a family affair. Moving by yourself is hard and stressful. Get everyone involved in the packing and moving of your college bound child. This will not only get your child packed up and ready to go, but provide the love and support your nervous child might need in their life.


Prepare for Weather

Weather is always unpredictable. Make sure valuables are packed in a way that will not get damaged in the move not matter the weather. Perishable foods should be put in coolers. Anything that can melt or get wet should be placed with items that will not stain or get damaged. Zip lock bags for bathroom and cleaning products are a must.

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Garage Storage

Moving can be a stressful process. Try reducing some of that stress by packing up the items you don’t need right away and storing them in a self-storage unit at Peninsula Storage in Palo Alto. We like to help you conquer the moving process so we have gathered some mistakes to avoid while moving to your new home.


Not Planning Ahead

Moving takes preparation. There are a lot of hidden aspects and necessities that need to happen when moving from place to place. You will need to plan out each aspect of your move. Things to think about before moving day include: renting a truck, hiring movers, change of address, setting up utilities, and organized packing. Not planning out your move can add a huge amount of unwanted stress.


Not Shopping Around

If you do choose to hire a moving company to assist you in your move, it is wise to do some research and shop around. Moving companies will all charge different rates. Not shopping around could result in you not getting the best deal in town. It is also worth reading customer reviews of each moving company. You are entrusting this company to move your valuables, you will want to make sure they are legitimate.


Keeping Unnecessary Junk

The biggest mistake most people make is not getting rid of the junk that has accumulated in your home before your move. Moving or storing your junk is not worth the time or money. It is always good to take the time before your move to get rid of anything you haven’t used or can’t see yourself using in the future. This way you can move into your new home without the unnecessary clutter.


Over-Packing Boxes

You will make the move harder on yourself and everyone involved by over-packing your boxes. When moving or storing items, it is always best to stick with a similar sized box. This will help when loading the moving truck or stacking items in a storage unit. When packing heavy items, such as books, only fill up the box half way as to not but strain on the box or the person lifting it.


We at Peninsula Storage in Palo Alto love to help you in all aspects of moving and self-storage. We hope that the tips above can help ease the process. Check out our website for more tips and tricks regarding storage and organization.

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